2009 DSc for published work National University of Ireland, Cork
1987 PhD National University of Ireland, Cork
1984 BSc Zoology National University of Ireland, Cork
Professional Development
2015 Top Management Programme Leadership Foundation for Higher Education UK
2011 Head of Schools Leaders Development Programme Leadership Foundation for Higher Education UK
2018 – Deputy President and Registrar University College Cork
2014 – 2017 Vice-President for Teaching & Learning University College Cork
2012 – present Chair (Professor) in Zoology University College Cork
2012 – 2015 Elected Member of the UCC Governing Body University College Cork
2010 – 2014 Head of School School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, UCC
2006 – 2010 Vice-Head of College College of Science, Engineering & Food science, UCC
2004 – 2012 Associate Professor of Zoology & Ecology University College Cork
1999 – 2002 University Examination Appeals Officer University College Cork
1989 – 2003 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer University College Cork
1998 Visiting Professor Colby College, Maine, USA
1988 – 1989 Post-Doctoral Researcher University of Wales, Cardiff



  • Thirty years experience lecturing at university
  • Created two courses in ecotoxicology, one in ornithology, and one in advanced statistics for graduate students
  • Developed post graduate generic modules for graduate training
  • Established distance learning certificate and diploma in Field Ecology for Adult Learners and Professionals from 1993 to present
  • Appointed as external examiner for BSc and taught MSc programmes at many national and international higher education institutes
  • External examiner for 45 PhDs and MSc around the world
  • Redesigned UCC first-science mentoring scheme in 2000
  • Awarded Socrates Fellowship to Faro, Portugal for fieldwork classes in Spring 2005 and 2006



  • Completed more than 60 funded research projects with many national and international collaborators
  • Published 250 Research Publications, 30 Book Chapters and 5 Monographs
  • Over 5,500 Citations, h-index 30, i10-index (numbers of papers cited 10 times or more: 137)
  • Supervised 31 Masters Research Projects and 42 PhDs to completion, and mentored 20 Post-Doctoral Scientists
  • Awarded in excess of €10 million for research funding directly
  • Delivered over 250 research presentations – including many invited papers at events around the world
  • Executive Editor of the international journal Bird Study from 1998 to 2006


Professional Activities
2016 Member, Top Management Programme Professional Reference Group,
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK
2013 – present Governor, Fota Wildlife Park
2013 – present Member, Board of Management, Christ King Secondary School
2012 – 2015 Member, UCC Governing Body
2011 – present Judge, UNESCO-L’Oreal-Royal Society Women Science Scholarship
2011 – present Vice-President, British Trust for Ornithology
2011 – present Chair, UCC University Green forum
2009 – 2012 Council member, European Ornithologists Union
2008 – 2015 Chair, Board of Management, Our Lady of Lourdes National School
2005 – present Honorary Lifetime Member, UCC Students’ Union
2004 Chair, Working Group for European Biodiversity Research
2003 – present Member and former President, Irish Society of Toxicology
2002 – present Judge, BT Young Scientist Competition Chair of Biology
1999 – 2000 Member, National Forest Standards Group
1998 – present Chair, National Bird Monitoring Programme Steering Group
1995 – 2000 Member, Statutory Committee to Heritage Council on Wildlife
1998 – present Chair, National Bird Monitoring Programme Steering Group
1991-present Founding member and treasurer, Environmental Association of Ireland
1990-present Life-time Member, British Ornithologists Union
1990-present Member, Irish Federation of University Teachers
1977-present Member and former Executive Board Member, Bird Watch Ireland